DATE: Wednesday 25th June 1997 - 6pm

VENUE: 1st Floor, Rugby Club, Crane Place, Sydney

SPEAKERS: Mike Fogarty & Steve Collins

TOPIC: "Geological and Geophysical exploration for Girilambone and Tritton Copper Deposits"

The Girilambone Copper Mine produces high quality copper cathodes containing 99.999% Cu at arate of 18,000 tonnes/annum by SXEW methods.
Exploration in the area has been biased towards the discovery of additional leachable copper deposits. Known economic, leachable deposits in the area are all associated with massive sulphide zones. Geophysical techniques in association with geochemistry and geological mapping were shown to be direct and effective in locating these sulphide zones. Use of geophysical methods resulted in the discovery of the Larsen's East deposit at Girilambone North. Further, more regional, use of these techniques has resulted in the discovery of the Budgerygar and Tritton massive sulphide deposits.

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